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Tommy Lee Jones as Steve in Heaven and Earth (1993) 1
Oliver Stone’s Underrated Vietnam Movie Looks at the War in a New Light

The 1993 drama is a heartbreaking real-life account of innocence, tragedy, and forgiveness.

its-a-wonderful-life-meaningful-scene 1
‘It’s a Wonderful Life’s Unscripted Scene Has a Deeper Meaning

Jimmy Stewart’s past experiences led to this unscripted tearjerker in the Frank Capra classic.

This-shudder-original-is-a-festive-‘Terminator' 1
The Horror Movie That Puts a Festive Twist on ‘The Terminator'

Come with me if you want festive horror.

90s_Crime_Film_Bruce_Campell 1
Henry-Cavill-Superman 1
Every DCEU End-Credits Scene That Didn’t Lead to Anything

Not every plot introduced in the DCEU reached an end.

18_Year_old_Gets_A24_Film_Horror_Kane_Parson_v4 1
2023's Creepiest Horror Release Is a 12-Minute Short Film

And the director is an 18-year-old who's getting his own A24 film.

Jack Frost smiling in 2012's Rise of the Guardians 1
DreamWorks, It’s Time To Revive the ‘Rise of the Guardians’ Franchise

The unlikely superhero team-up based on holiday figures should make its long-awaited comeback.

Clint-Eastwood’s-Sobering-Commentary-on-War-in-The-Outlaw-Josey-Wales 1
The Clint Eastwood Western That Doubles as an Anti-War Movie

The Western icon depicts the genre at its most fatalistic.

3 Godfathers movie poster 1
The Christmas Western That’s Also One of John Wayne’s Best

'3 Godfathers' used Christmas themes to tell a story of redemption.

The-David-Lynch-Movie-That-Inspired-Bradley-Cooper-To-Be-an-Actor 1
The David Lynch Movie That Inspired Bradley Cooper To Become an Actor

He is not an animal! He is a human being. He is Bradley Cooper!

Death_Of_The_Old_School_Ganster_Sebastian_Maniscalco 1
Sebastian Maniscalco Kills Off the Old-School Gangster in Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’

The popular comic and ‘Bookie’ star carries a heavy dramatic weight to Scorsese's gangster epic.

Person in a mask shushing with a finger in front of a reel of film with holiday decorations 1
Stanley Kubrick's Christmas Movie Faced Some Serious Censorship

This major Kubrick film was met with some serious censorship when it was first released in theaters.

A full color image of Cary Grant standing outside a gate and staring to the left with a snowy street behind him in The Bishop's Wife 1
Cary Grant Gave Us a Forbidden Romance in This Christmas Classic

"There are few people who know the secret of making a heaven here on earth. You are one of those rare people."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Belushi in a Santa suit in Jingle All the Way 1
Why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Christmas Classic Was So Controversial

This holiday classic was not so merry behind the scenes.

national-lampoons-christmas-vacation 1
'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation': The Griswold Family Tree Explained

No, we don't mean the tree Clark dragged in.

rebel-moon-sofia-boutella-featured-1 1
All The New Movies Coming to Streaming This Week: 'Rebel Moon,' 'Saltburn,' and More

This week's new streaming releases include new films from celebrated filmmakers and the latest epic from Zack Snyder.

George-Clooney 1
George Clooney Dodged a Career Blow By Turning Down a Holiday Flop

Had he stayed on to star in this holiday flop, the role could have seriously chilled Clooney's career.

Home Alone Still 1
Is 'Angels With Filthy Souls' From 'Home Alone' a Real Movie?

Is "Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!" from a real movie?

Richard Attenborough as John Christie, John Hurt as Timothy Evans and Judy Geeson as Beryl Evans in 10 Rillington Place. 1
The John Hurt and Richard Attenborough Serial Killer Film That Does True Crime Right

The 1971 movie chronicles one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in British history.

Die-Hard-Alan-Rickman 1
Alan Rickman Almost Turned Down His Role in ‘Die Hard’

A world where Alan Rickman didn't play Hans Gruber is a world I don't want to live in.

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