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About Samuel Williamson

Sam is a Senior Writer for Collider. His love for movies, TV shows, and books stretches back to his early childhood and has grown exponentially with every passing year. Lucky for him, this love grew into a career in writing. Whether he's rambling for the umpteenth time about the works of Sam Raimi and Stephen King, or he's writing about the latest and greatest low-budget movies, you better believe that with every word, Sam feels a profound joy in his work.

Aside from being a movie fan, Sam has also made a few of his own. His love for movies has vomited itself back out and onto the screen in the form of his own independent films, including the comedic genre-benders At Sundown I Shoot Your Spurs and Night of the Pizza Demons. Sam has spent the last few years practicing his hand at screenwriting but is currently gearing up to shoot his next project.

Outside of movies, Sam loves playing guitar, jamming with his band, spinning records, reading, jogging, and whipping up new recipes in his kitchen. He lives with his wife and two dogs in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Latest Articles

Reason_Why_Burt_Reynold_Gunsmoke_Role_Is_So_Small 1
There's a Reason Burt Reynolds' 'Gunsmoke' Role Is So Small

You can't keep Reynolds contained!

The-David-Lynch-Movie-That-Inspired-Bradley-Cooper-To-Be-an-Actor 1
The David Lynch Movie That Inspired Bradley Cooper To Become an Actor

He is not an animal! He is a human being. He is Bradley Cooper!

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2023's Creepiest Horror Release Is a 12-Minute Short Film

And the director is an 18-year-old who's getting his own A24 film.

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Twilight Zone Santa crawling out of a TV set 1
How ‘The Twilight Zone’ Became a Holiday Tradition

But is there egg nog in 'The Twilight Zone'?

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A Year Before Jack Frost Was Michael Keaton, He Was a Slasher

Sometimes, movies are just terrible. This is one of those instances.

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This Classic WWII TV Show Forever Changed How War Would Be Shown Onscreen

This classic series helped launch the careers of classic filmmakers Robert Altman and Richard Donner.

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The-Twilight-Zone-The-Night-of-the-Meek 1
The 'Twilight Zone' Christmas Episode That Puts a Dark Spin on 'It's a Wonderful Life'

“On one Christmas, I’d like to see the meek inherit the earth.”

Dragon Ball Poster including Roshi, Yamcha, oolong, and Bulma 1
Let's Be Honest, 'Dragon Ball' Was at Its Best Before 'Z'

'Z' might be more popular, but the original 'Dragon Ball' is a much more relatable, creative, and thoughtful show.

It-Jaws-The-Conjuring 1
What Is the Highest Grossing Horror Movie of All Time?

Clowns, exorcists, and sharks, oh my!

Hayao Miyazaki in front of a Spirited Away background 1
Studio Ghibli's First Movie Is Pure, Unfiltered Miyazaki

This might not be Studio Ghibli's best movie, but it is their most important.

Charles-Bronson-Starred-in-the-Best-World-War-II-Movie-That's-More-Than-50-Years-Old-(The-Dirty-Dozen) 1
‘The Dirty Dozen’ Has Three Sequels You Probably Missed, For a Good Reason

Trying to recapture the original film's magic turned out to be a harder mission than they thought.

Godzilla looking back in a cropped promotional photo from Godzilla Minus One 1
Did 'Godzilla Minus One' Just School Hollywood on Movie Making?

Let's not get carried away, there's a middle ground to be found here.

George-Lucas-Sorry 1
Let’s Admit It, We All Owe George Lucas an Apology

The hate bandwagon can be fun, but often times it's unwarranted, and even more so, harmful.

Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elrodi, Alison Oliver, and Archie Madekwe on the poster for Saltburn 1
What Are You Even Trying to Say, 'Saltburn'?

You could have been so much more, 'Saltburn'.

'Godzilla Minus One' Banner 1
Zachary Quinto (left) and Brad Pitt (right) in Inglorious Basterds 1
The Quentin Tarantino Hit That Almost Became a Miniseries

There's a world where 'Inglourious Basterds' never hit the big screen.

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