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David Von Erich (Harris Dickinson) performing the titular wrestling move in The Iron Claw 1
Why 'Iron Claw' Director Needed Creative License With the Tragic Wrestling Tale

Sean Durkin also reveals the easiest Von Erich to cast, and the toughest.

custom-image-lizze-broadway-asa-germann-patrick-schwarzenegger 1
This ‘Gen V’ Cast Member Hopes to Return in Season 2

Also, maybe the series should just be renamed 'Toxic.'

Maura Tierney on Collider Ladies Night 1
Maura Tierney's Devastating Line That Was Cut From 'Iron Claw'

While on Collider Ladies Night, Tierney discussed putting herself in Doris' headspace while bringing the Von Erich family's story to screen.

Leave-the-World-Behind-Sam-Esmail-Interview 1
Sam Esmail Answers All Your Questions About 'Leave the World Behind'

What's up with that ending? What did Barack Obama say? Why the deer? Did he cause the Tesla recall??

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The-Boys-in-the-Boat-Callum-Turner-Hadley-Robinson-Interview 1
How 'High Noon' Inspired Callum Turner in 'The Boys in the Boat'

Turner, Hadley Robinson, & screenwriter Mark Smith discuss working with George Clooney & previous projects like 'Green Room,' 'The Revenant' and more.

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Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Ray-Fisher-E-Duffy-Cleopatra-Coleman-Interview 1
Zack Snyder's 'Rebel Moon' Could Change the Way Movies Are Made

Ray Fisher, Cleopatra Coleman, & E. Duffy talk about 'Rebel Moon: House of the Bloodaxe,' being part of an original IP, & the R-rated director's cut.

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Ferarri-Adam-Driver-Interview 1
Adam Driver Knows Why You Keep Rewatching Michael Mann's Films

Driver also reveals why he almost turned down ‘Ferrari’ and what changed his mind.

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Migration-Elizabeth-Banks-Kumail-Nanjiani-Interview 1
Elizabeth Banks Brainstorms a 'Migration' Extended Cut – ‘Cocaine Ducks’

Kumail Nanjiani tosses a few R-rated ideas around, they share their love for this Griswold-style adventure, & discuss 'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.'

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Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Djimon-Hounsou-Staz-Nair 1
Zack Snyder Takes a Page Out of Peter Jackson's Book for 'Rebel Moon'

Djimon Hounsou & Staz Nair talk Veldt, Snyder's balance of beauty and brutality, the stellar ensemble cast, and more.

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Jack-Lowden-slow-horses-interview-Feature 1
'Slow Horses' Jack Lowden Reveals Why Season 3 Is His Favorite & Status of Season 4

Lowden shares the wisdom he received from Gary Oldman and how he's taken ownership of River Cartwright this season.

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Ferrari-Michael-Mann-Interview 1
This Is Why 'Ferrari' Had to be Michael Mann's Next Movie

The director shares his filmmaking process, why Enzo Ferrari became his next focus, and addresses the 'Heat' diner scene rumors.

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Daniel Henney as Lan against the Season 2 backdrop for Wheel of Time 1
Daniel Henney Reflects on His Final "Unreal" 'Wheel of Time' Season 2 Scene

He also discusses the challenges of filming Lan and Moiraine's breakup scene and what he can hint at for Season 3.

Jeffrey Wright Talks American Fiction 1
Jeffrey Wright Played Lead Blocker for His First-Time Director on 'American Fiction'

Wright also highlights an actor who made a big impression even though he was only on set a single day!

Tanisha Thomas poses in a black outfit for 'House of Villains' 1
'House of Villains' Winner Tanisha Thomas Reveals Her Winning Strategy and Prize Money Plans [Interview]

The 'Bad Girls Club' alum walked away with the $200,000 prize and the title of Supervillain.

The-Boys-in-the-Boat-George-Clooney-Joel-Edgerton-Interview 1
George Clooney Says His Next Team-Up With Brad Pitt Is "Dark" and "Out There"

Joel Edgerton joins Clooney to talk about ‘The Boys in the Boat,’ why Clooney sympathizes with Steven Spielberg, and which roles made them sweat.

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Frog-and-Toad-Christmas-Special-Yvette-Nicole-Brown-Interview 1
Yvette Nicole Brown's Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Rabbit Came True

She also talks about her favorite ‘Community’ episodes and her deep love for the Walking Dead franchise.

Omar Dorsey and Sebastian Mainscalco on the poster for Bookie in front of palm trees in LA 1
To Sebastian Maniscalco, ‘Bookie’ Was a 9-to-5 Job (in a Good Way)

Omar J. Dorsey also talks about what he learned from his experience doing seven seasons of 'Queen Sugar.'

Rebel-Moon-Part-One-A-Child-of-Fire-Sofia-Boutella-Ed-Skrein-Interview 1
Sofia Boutella & Ed Skrein Reveal Why 'Rebel Moon 2' Is an Actor's Dream

The stars of Zack Snyder's 'Rebel Moon' share their favorite scenes from the two-part movies, which projects made them nervous, & more.

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The-Family-Plan-Simon-Cellan-Jones-Interview 1
Mark Wahlberg Channeled His Inner Vanilla Ice for ‘The Family Plan’

Director Simon Cellan Jones explains why having Mark Wahlberg sing wasn't just for laughs and teases their next upcoming project 'Arthur the King.'

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The-Holdovers-Dominic-Sessa-Interview 1
'The Holdovers' Breakout Dominic Sessa Reveals How Paul Giamatti Helped Find His Confidence

Sessa discusses his debut role, what he learned on set, which scene was most difficult, and if he'll continue acting.

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