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The 10 Most Underrated Biopics of the 2010s, Ranked

The 2010s had many great biopics, but these were somewhat overlooked.

Marisa Abela as Amy Winehouse in Back to Black 1
Marisa Abela Stuns as Amy Winehouse in New 'Back to Black' Images

The Amy Winehouse biopic will be gracing screens in 2024.

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The 10 Most Underrated Biopics of The Last Decade, Ranked

"Twenty-five drivers start every season in Formula One, and each year two of us die. What kind of person does a job like this?"

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'Back to Black': Cast, Filming Details, and What to Expect

The Amy Winehouse biopic will be gracing screens in 2024.

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Marisa Abela Embodies Amy Winehouse in New ‘Back to Black’ Image

The upcoming biopic will soon hit theaters next year.

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The 10 Highest-Grossing Biopics of All Time

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

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Biopics Don’t Need To Always Get the Facts Right

Movie makers have an obligation, but not necessarily to history.

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AI-Generated Édith Piaf Biopic in Development at Warner Music

The biopic is being made with the cooperation of Piaf's estate.

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The 15 Longest Biopics Ever, Ranked by Runtime

Strap yourself in and get ready to learn about some very interesting people.

Colman Domingo Rustin  1
'Rustin': Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far

The legendary activist finally gets his long-due spotlight in the upcoming biopic.

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Annette Bening plays Diana Nyad in 'NYAD' 1
'Nyad': Cast, Trailer, Release Date, and Everything We Know So Far

The Netflix original tells the true story of athlete Diana Nyad.

Helena Bonham Carter in Nolly 1
'Nolly': Cast, Trailer, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far

Helena Bonham Carter stars in Masterpiece's latest series.

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The 20 Best Biopics of All Time, Ranked

From 'Lawrence of Arabia' to 'Coal Miner's Daughter' to 'Malcolm X,' this is Collider's ranking of the greatest biopics.

Johnny Cash, Malcolm X, and Selena Quintanilla played by Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washington, and Jennifer Lopez 1
10 Best Lookalike Actors In Biopics

Bringing icons back to life

Daniel Day-Lewis in 'Lincoln', George C. Scott in 'Patton, and Denzel Washington in 'Malcolm X' 1
The 12 Best Political Biopics to Watch If You Liked 'Oppenheimer'

"Can we choose to be born? Are we fitted to the times we’re born into?"

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13 Underrated Biographical Movies to Watch Before 'Oppenheimer'

Their lives will live on through these movies!

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Biopic Directors  1
The 10 Best Biopics of the 2010s from Acclaimed Directors

Great directors bringing the past to the present!

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10 Best Underdog Movies That Aren't About Sports

Forget shooting hoops: these movies are about underdogs off the court.

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