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About Jordan Todoruk

Jordan Todoruk is a writer from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He studied Screenwriting at the Toronto Film School. In 2019, He wrote and produced his first short film, The Mechanics Of A Nightmare. He is a cinephile and lover of literature.

Industry Experience

Jordan Todoruk is a writer and producer of several music videos for artists from his hometown. In 2020, he created, produced, and ran the locally popular podcast 2 Baked Girls Podcast, which chronicled the role of Winnipeg during the ending of the pot-prohibition in Canda. He has been a panel speaker for the Winnipeg Podcast Festival and a semi-regular speaker on the Witch Police Podcast.

Favorite Media

Jordan Todoruk is a lover of literature above all things. Some of his favorite authors are Irvne Wlesh, J.G Ballard, and William S. Burroughs. 

His favorite film will always be Mermaids

His favorite record is John Cage's 4'33''

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