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Woody Strode as Sergeant Rutledge with a gun shot background 1
The First Major Studio Western To Cast a Black Actor in the Lead Role

John Ford and Woody Strode would collaborate on three other films.

John Wayne on the poster for The Searchers 1
This Fan Theory Changes The Way You Watch 'The Searchers'

Not all is as it seems in the Western frontier.

3 Godfathers movie poster 1
The Christmas Western That’s Also One of John Wayne’s Best

'3 Godfathers' used Christmas themes to tell a story of redemption.

Cheyenne-Autumn-James-Stewart 1
The Jimmy Stewart & John Ford Western That Made an Awful Production Mistake

Director John Ford made some problematic choices.

20-Best-John-Ford-Movies,-Ranked (1) 1
The 20 Best John Ford Movies, Ranked

Great movies you can hopefully a-Ford the time to watch.

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The 10 Longest-Running Actor-Director Pairings in History, Ranked

This town is big enough for the both of us.

John Ford sits with a pipe in front of a train in a custom image for The Iron Horse (1924) 1
John Ford’s First Epic Western Is Also One of the Genre’s Leaders

The John Ford classic revitalized a waning genre and set the standard for the next hundred years.

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What ‘The Searchers’ Comic Book Adaptation Got Right (and Wrong)

A comic book adaptation seemed to misinterpret the film’s more nuanced ideas about race relations and perpetual violence.

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John Ford Redefined the Western Genre With This Dark Henry Fonda Film

The director's take on an iconic historic event forever shifted audience expectations of the genre.

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The Greatest Western Director Has the Record for Most Oscar Wins—but None for Westerns

Ironically, the most awarded director of all time probably deserved more Oscars.

Victor McLaglen as Citizen Hogan in John Ford's Hangman's House 1
John Ford’s Most Expressionist Movie Is This 1928 Silent Drama

It was far from a Western, but a Ford production nonetheless.

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stagecoach 1
How 'Stagecoach' Revolutionized the Western Genre

John Ford's 1939 classic elevated the genre to new popular and artistic heights.

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'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' Remake in the Works at Paramount

John Ford's original classic Western starred Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne?

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Netflix's Docu-Series 'Five Came Back' Explores the Intersection of Hollywood and War

War-time contributions from filmmakers John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra, and George Stevens are revisited by Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo Del Toro, Paul Greengrass and Lawrence Kasdan.

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75 Early U.S. Films Discovered in New Zealand Vault; Includes Lost 1927 John Ford Feature UPSTREAM

Seventy-five early U.S. films have been discovered in a vault in New Zealand. Among them is lost 1927 John Ford film "Upstream".

SUMMER HOURS and STAGECOACH Criterion Blu-ray Reviews

Olivier Assayas’s SUMMER HOURS and John Ford’s STAGECOACH Criterion Blu-ray Reviews