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About Taylor Gates

Taylor Gates is a Los Angeles-based editor and critic who earned her BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Evansville. She is a member of the Hollywood Creative Alliance and is Rotten Tomatoes and CherryPicks approved. Her work has also been featured on BuzzFeed, Show Snob, That Hashtag Show, AfterBuzz TV, and Starry Constellation Magazine.

Taylor especially loves dramedies that feature complex female and LGBTQ+ characters. In her free time, Taylor can be found writing and directing her own work, watching Rachel Weisz’s entire filmography, and spreading the word about The Hahnaissance.

Latest Articles

Ashby Gentry as Alex and Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie about to kiss in My Life with the Walter Boys 1
'My Life with the Walter Boys' Review: Your Next Netflix Comfort Binge

It may not break any new ground, but it’s a pleasant ride — and the first Wattpad adaptation done right.

Tiny-Beautiful-Things-Kathryn-Hahn-Interview 1
Kathryn Hahn Put (Literal) Sweat and Tears Into ‘Tiny Beautiful Things’

The Emmy nominee reflects on shooting the “life-changing” miniseries just months before ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.’

Kelly-Fremon-Craig-Are-You-There-God-It's-Me-Margaret-Interview 1
‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.’ Director Told Her Actors to "Throw the Script Away"

Kelly Fremon Craig discusses her playful directing style and Rachel McAdams’ Gotham Award nomination.

The-Marvels-Ms.-Marvel 1
talk-to-me-sophie-wilde-2 1
Greta Gerwig Lola Kirke Mistress America 1
Greta Gerwig’s Best Performance Is in a Noah Baumbach Movie — But Not the One You Think

Greta Gerwig's best performance sees her dig into contradictions and explore the curse of charisma.

Imaginary Blumhouse logo 1
Blumhouse Premieres Interactive New 'Imaginary' Trailer Before 'Five Nights at Freddy’s'

The film is set to premiere early next year and stars the iconic Betty Buckley.

shelter-harlan-coben 1
Harlan Coben Wants ‘Shelter’ Season 2 to Be Darker

The Amazon Prime Video show’s creator also reveals the one thing he insisted happen in Season 1 and the biggest changes from the book to the show.

best-fantasy-shows-prime-video-2022-feature 1
The Best Fantasy Shows on Prime Video Right Now

Ghosts, ghouls, and gods await.

she-came-to-me-rebecca-miller 1
‘She Came to Me’s Director Wants You to Be Confused

Rebecca Miller discusses why an audience’s confusion can be a good thing and how her dad’s favorite joke inspired Anne Hathaway’s wildest scene.

Valeria Golino as Pupa in I Told You So 1
'I Told You So' Review: A Visually Stunning but Narratively Uneven Drama | TIFF 2023

The Italian film showcases interconnected individuals during a heat wave in Rome, with some storylines proving to be more compelling than others.

Mark Duplass and Jennifer Aniston, sitting in a diner, as Chip and Alex  1
‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 Review: Apple TV+ Series Still Tries to Do Too Much

‘The Morning Show’ may still have way too much going on, but at least none of it is boring.

Copa 71 Denmark wins world cup 1
'Copa 71' Review: A Solid Soccer Doc Highlights a Historic Moment in Women’s Sports | TIFF 2023

Despite breaking records, the history of the 1971 women’s World Cup in Mexico City has been hidden away. This documentary wants to change that.

And-Just-Like-That…-Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Cynthia-Nixon-Kristin-Davis 1
Carrie’s Best Friendship in ‘And Just Like That…’ Season 2 Isn’t With Charlotte or Miranda

“Look who it is — Carrie Bradshaw and the luckiest girl in New York.”

The-Best-Fantasy-Shows-on-Hulu-Right-Now-feature 1
The Best Fantasy Shows on Hulu Right Now

Get ready for magic, myths, and monsters.

Dustin-Guy-Defa-The-Adults 1
‘The Adults’ Director Dustin Guy Defa on How Playing Poker with Michael Cera Inspired the Script

He also discusses using humor as a weapon and casting Sophia Lillis.

The-Adults-Sophia-Lillis-Hannah-Gross-Michael-Cera 1
Michael Cera, Sophia Lillis, and Hannah Gross on Bad Accents and “Humbling” Choreography Fails Filming ‘The Adults’

They also discuss how they developed their sibling chemistry and shooting in the freezing cold.

Jury-Duty-Nicholas-Hatton 1
‘Jury Duty’ Producer Nicholas Hatton on How Sacha Baron Cohen Prepared Him For Ronald Gladden

He also shares his favorite James Marsden improv moment and explains how producing the show felt like pulling off a heist.

Ema, Spoon, and Mickey panicked looking at phone in Harlan Coben's Shelter. 1
'Harlan Coben’s Shelter' Review: This Teen Mystery Series Has an Identity Crisis

Despite some clever plot twists and likable characters, the series’ tone holds it back from its potential.

twilight-cullens featured 1
'Twilight' Wasted Its Potential By Sidelining These Characters

'Twilight' could have been so much more fascinating had it not sidelined the Cullen family's dynamics.

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