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About Emma Kiely

Emma Kiely has been with Collider since 2021 and has been Horror Editor since July 2023. Emma has a degree in English and Film from University College Dublin. For a while, due to pandemic-induced existential dread, Emma thought she wanted to be a capital-G Girlboss so she got a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing. Emma worked in marketing for a total of three months before she got the opportunity to go to the Cannes Film Festival. As they say, the rest is Herstory.

Emma is used to defending her horror interests because she prefers the likes of Host, Lake Mungo, and Unfriended over The Witch. Outside of horror, Emma enjoys just about any detective miniseries, particularly the ones where they wear big puffy coats and investigate the death of a sixteen-year-old girl in an obscure town in England. When not burning her eyes out from a screen, Emma enjoys detective novels, gluten-free baking, and writing bios that make her sound like a 60-year-old woman. (She's in her 20s.)

Emma is Collider’s resident Irish person and will find out where you live if you say you enjoyed Wild Mountain Thyme.

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