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About Tania Hussain

Tania Hussain is the Lead Features Editor at Collider responsible for a combination of creative, editorial, and managerial duties. In addition to leading content ideation and development, she works to generate innovative and compelling ideas for feature articles and reviews with her editorial team. She is a seasoned and detail-oriented editor and writer with more than a decade of experience with major media outlets and foundations, including Paramount’s PopCulture, Womanista, the International Women’s Media Foundation, and MSNBC’s Newsvine. Tania is also a member of the Critics Choice Association and Society of Professional Journalists. With an ardent love for movies and TV, she is a pop culture junkie who can talk your ear off and is your best bet for trivia nights. Not to mention, she is the biggest fan of comedy everything leading with The Office, Community, and Seinfeld, and adores Conan O’Brien.

She has covered and ideated content on major events for Collider, including the Toronto International Film Festival, and has conducted more than 100 interviews since her start in the business more than 15 years ago. Some of her favorites include Joel McHale, John Krasinski, Jennifer Garner, Bob Odenkirk, Michael C. Hall, Sophia Bush, Andy Richter, Jamie Dornan, Yeardley Smith, and a reasonable toss-up between Cookie Monster and Kermit the Frog. In 2013, her claim to fame was appearing on the Canadian version of Match Game alongside the late, Norm Macdonald and getting a shoutout on the Canadian talk show, The Social for an article of hers from a digital publication she owns with her friends called, The Hudsucker (2012-2019).

Latest Articles

Drew and Jonathan Scott stand in front of a Christmas tree at the White House in the HGTV and Max special, White House Christmas 2023 1
‘Property Brothers’ Drew and Jonathan Scott Unveil Family Holiday Plans and Decorating for HGTV’s ‘White House Christmas’ [Interview]

The Property Brothers stars are helping decorate the White House and celebrating a major festive anniversary.

migration-movie-01 1
'Migration' Review: Kumail Nanjiani & Elizabeth Banks Serve Big Duck Energy in Vibrant Family Comedy

Vibrant and fun visuals with an entertaining story make this Illumination feature stand out from its usual fare.

Its-a-Wonderful-Knife-Joel-McHale-Interview 1
Joel McHale Discusses Putting a Gen Z Spin on a Classic Frank Capra Film

McHale also offers an update on the ‘Community’ movie and Season 2 of his FOX sitcom ‘Animal Control.’

Quiz-Lady-Sandra-Oh-Awkwafina-Interview-1 1
'Quiz Lady's Awkwafina and Sandra Oh Discuss Pee-Wee Herman Obsessions and Playing Against Type

Sandra Oh and Awkwafina’s laugh-out-loud comedy ‘Quiz Lady’ is also the Pee-Wee Herman star’s final performance.

Sara Bareilles holds a pie as Jenna in Waitress: The Musical 1
'Waitress: The Musical' Review: Sara Bareilles Revitalizes Acclaimed Show

With a dash of laughter, heart, and beautiful music, the pro-shot Broadway show offers the right ingredients for a decadent treat.

Ed Helms and Jennifer Garner performing a dance up in candy cane outfits in the Netflix comedy Family Switch.  1
'Family Switch' Review: Jennifer Garner Gifts a Stocking of Laughs to Predictable Comedy

This new riff on the body swap comedy is more than a little familiar, but a charming cast makes it a breezy watch.

Awkwafina and Sandra Oh in Quiz Lady 1
'Haunted Discoveries' Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis 1
‘Haunted Discoveries’ Investigators Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari Talk Paranormal Series and “Manufactured Jump Scares”

The former ‘Ghost Hunters’ investigators are elevating the genre with their new paranormal series, ‘Haunted Discoveries.’

Joel McHale 1
Joel McHale on Why Reality TV Has Gotten “Slicker” & the Next Cooking Show He Would Devour

The beloved comedian and actor also talks about taking part in one of pop culture’s coolest campaigns this summer with Klondike.

Scarlett Johansson, Emily Beecham and Sienna Miller in North Star 1
'North Star' Review: Kristin Scott Thomas’ Directorial Debut Loses Its Way | TIFF 2023

Though it has some big names, there is a fundamental lack of chemistry between this star-studded cast.

Chris Pine, Annette Benning and Danny DeVito in Poolman 1
'Poolman' Review: Chris Pine’s Directorial Debut Sinks Before It Can Swim | TIFF 2023

This misfire of a movie never makes it above the surface.

queen-of-my-dreams-01 1
'The Queen of My Dreams' Review: Fawzia Mirza's Vibrant, Heartfelt Love Letter to Mothers and Daughters | TIFF 2023

This vibrant debut feature is a sweet story about how the messiness of family is what matters most.

Gal Gadot in Heart of Stone 1
'Heart of Stone' Review: Gal Gadot Fights to Escape Netflix Oblivion

While this thriller could get lost amongst other action offerings on the streamer, it has a leading performance that helps it stand out.

Blue blobby beings make a toast in Strange Planet 1
'Strange Planet' Review: Nathan W. Pyle's Animated Series Has Room to Grow

Based on the beloved webcomic, this show brings the same sweet sensibility of its source material but remains rather uneven.

Michael-Kelly-Special-Ops-Lioness 1
‘Special Ops: Lioness’: Michael Kelly Talks Taylor Sheridan Series and the “Toughest Part” of Working With Nicole Kidman & Zoe Saldaña

In addition to teasing the “edge-of-your-seat” thriller series, Kelly also talks about his ‘G.I. Joe’ cameo in ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.’

lioness-01 1
'Special Ops: Lioness' Review: Zoe Saldaña Fights Through Taylor Sheridan's Antics in So-So Spy Thriller

Streaming on Paramount+ starting July 23, this series is promising on the surface though still has a long road ahead of it.

Jasmine-Roth-Barbie's-Dream-House-Challenge-Interview 1
‘Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge’: Jasmine Roth Talks Unique Home Design and “Nerve-Wracking” Pressure to Nail Renovation

Featuring appearances from ‘Barbie’ stars Margot Robbie and Simu Liu, Roth teases what more fans can expect and the obstacles the design teams faced.

Jack-Ryan-Allyson-Seeger-&-Andrew-Form 1
‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4 EPs Allyson Seeger & Andrew Form Talk Series Finale, John Krasinski Playing POTUS and ‘Rainbow Six’ Spinoff

The ‘Jack Ryan’ EPs and John Krasinski collaborators also reveal what fans can expect from ‘A Quiet Place: Day One.’

Wendell-Pierce-Jack-Ryan-Interview 1
‘Jack Ryan’ Season 4: Wendell Pierce Talks Series Finale, Spinoff Possibility & What It Took to Film That “Intense” Shootout

Pierce also reveals what Greer could learn from his character Bunk in ’The Wire’ and his upcoming directorial feature based on a harrowing true story.

Adam DeVine, Nina Dobrev, Ellen Barkin and Pierce Brosnan in The Out-Laws 1
'The Out-Laws' Review: Netflix's Action-Comedy Is the Latest to Trap Good Actors in Bad Movie Purgatory

Adam Devine, Ellen Barkin, and Pierce Brosnan do all they can to steal your hearts, but this movie will only rob you of your time.

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